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One of our main areas of expertise is Chemicals Product Development. With over 30 years experience in the chemicals industry we are very well geared to develop your ideas into a saleable product. At Instant Analysis, our main idea is to show the range, flexibility and diversity that we are able to offer, because EACH case is a truly UNIQUE experience for every client.

Our most recent product developments include:

  • A Lip Plump for making lips bigger and feel warmer.
  • An Ink to mark on Meat.
  • A Bath Filler to repair chips on baths.
  • A Corrosion Inhibitor for use in domestic Central Heating Systems.
  • A Transparent Glue for sticking Glass to Glass.
  • A Patented Oxygen Recharge Kit used for measuring the oxygen levels in a hospital anesthetic line used during surgery.
  • A Varnish for cars to be used in Nigerian climates.
  • A Traffic Film Remover used for cleaning down very heavily soiled Commercial vehicles.
  • An Electrical Conducting Printing Ink.
  • A Smoke Generating Fluid used in Drama.
  • You may have a product you wish to copy or you may have an idea you wish to develop...

Often the story starts with a sample of a competitor's product that is brought to us for analysis. This we carry out efficiently and successfully to supply you, the client, with a complete breakdown of the chemical composition of your competitor's product, given in the format of a list of chemicals present and the amount present of each, expressed as a percentage of the whole. The problem is to convert this information into a stable product. This is just not quite as simple as it sounds.

Very often analysis alone does not produce ALL of the answers and this is where our EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE comes into play. We pride ourselves in being innovative and we simply thrive on challenges.

We have developed countless products very successfully in a variety of fields over the years for our clients. We may have never developed a similar product to yours in the past, but that would not deter us from feeling very confident in successfully developing your product on your behalf.

For further details and/or an initial consultation, please contact -

Mr Michael Leitner,
Instant Analysis
Quality House,
73 Windsor Road,
M25 0DB

Tel:- 0161 721 4418
Fax:- 0161 740 4186
Email:- [email protected]

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Quality House, 73 Windsor Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0DB
Tel:- 0161 721 4418 / Fax 0161 740 4186 Email:- [email protected]